Subscription Options

So you have been busy reading posts on e-clecticism and you have liked what you see but now you want to subscribe so you don't miss a future post. Have no fear, there are many ways to do that very thing and I'll explain them all here.

RSS is a method that allows a website author to publish their content to a "feed". A subscriber then uses a piece of software called a feed reader or aggregator which notifies them and displays the new feed content every time the feed is updated. What that means is that if I make a new post to my blog, you get told and you get to read the new post without having to re-visit my site. If you're already familiar with RSS you can click here to subscribe to the main site and here for the comments. If you need to get an RSS reader here is a list for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Email is another method of subscription which means my new posts get emailed to you automatically, which is handy if you don't want to install new software. Simply fill in your email address on the right hand side of the screen. Just remember to watch they don't get caught in your spam filter.

If Twitter is your thing, you can follow e-clecticism here as all posts are duplicated there with a link back here to each.

If Facebook is more preferable to you, then e-clecticism has its very own fan page to which you can "like" and get updated on each post via your news feed. If you use the NetworkedBlogs application, you can also subscribe via that as this page.
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