英语热词 | 2019年7月北京周报微博时事英语汇总



  • 增强信心、保持定力
    heighten confidence and maintain strategic focus
  • 供给侧改革
    supply-side structural reform
  • 培育新的增长点
    foster new growth points
  • 脚踏实地
    in a down-to-earth manner
  • 激发微观主体活力
    unleash the vitality of economic entities
  • 开拓新局
    open new ground
  • 中国经济航船一定能够乘风破浪、行稳致远。
    The ship of the Chinese economy is bound to ride the waves and sail forward steadily
  • 主持会议
    preside over a symposium
  • 征集意见和建议
    solicit opinions and suggestions


  • 中国首部
    3D IMAX
  • 动画电影
    the first Chinese 3D animated film in the IMAX format
  • 横扫中国票房
    sweep the Chinese box office
  • 摇钱树
    money spinner
  • 打破票房纪录
    shatter the box office record


  • 久经考验的忠诚共产主义战士
    a time-tested and loyal communist soldier
  • 杰出的无产阶级革命家
    an outstanding proletarian revolutionary
  • 参加葬礼
    attend the funeral
  • 表示哀悼
    offer condolences
  • 送花圈
    send a wreath
  • 八宝山革命公墓
    Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery

【#江西发现亚洲首例霸王龙足迹# 体长可能达7.5米】

  • 霸王龙
  • 爪痕尖锐
    sharp claw marks
  • 跖趾垫发达
    well-developed metatarsal pads
  • 位于食物链最顶端
    be at the top of the food chain
  • 侏罗纪


  • 荒漠化防治
    combat desertification
  • 携手努力
    concerted efforts
  • 全球环境治理保护
    global environmental governance and protection
  • 2030年可持续发展议程
    2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • 贺信
    congratulatory letter

【#马伊琍文章离婚# 好友称无第三者插足】

  • 和平分手
    break up on good terms
  • 分道扬镳
    go part ways
  • 恋爱虽易,婚姻不易,且行且珍惜。
    Being in love is easy, being married is not. It is to be cherished.


  • 特大山体滑坡
    a deadly landslide
  • 全力搜救失踪人员
    all-out effort in the search for people still missing
  • 险情监测
    monitor risks
  • 次生灾害
    secondary disasters
  • 汛期
    flood season
  • 自然灾害隐患
    natural disaster hazards
  • 排查险情隐患
    comb the areas for potential problems
  • 保护人民群众生命财产安全
    protect the safety of people’s lives and property
  • 减少伤亡
    reduce casualties


  • 恢复执行死刑
    resume capital punishment
  • 暂停死刑近二十年
    nearly two-decade moratorium
  • 12月份将首先处决5名联邦囚犯
    schedule executions starting in December for five death row federal inmates
  • 维护法治
    uphold the rule of law
  • 联邦政府上一次执行死刑是在2003年。
    The last federal execution took place in 2003.


  • 全面深化改革是我们党守初心、担使命的重要体现。
    Deepening overall reform is an important manifestation of the Communist Party of China’s commitment to remaining true to its original aspiration and shouldering its founding mission.
  • 永久基本农田
    permanent basic cropland
  • 资源配置
    resource allocation
  • 先行示范区
    pilot demonstration area
  • 双向投资
    two-way investment
  • 经济走廊
    economic corridor

【#刘强东案149页警方档案公布# #刘强东#坚称双方自愿】

  • 公布更多细节
    release more details to the public
  • 刘强东坚称性接触是双方自愿的。
    Liu maintained that the encounter with the woman was consensual.
  • 企图勒索刘强东的钱财
    attempt to “extort” Liu for money
  • 声称刘强东强迫她喝酒
    allege Richard Liu coerce her to drink;各执一词conflicting stories


  • 弘扬奉献、友爱、互助、进步的志愿精神
    promote the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress
  • 贺信
    congratulatory letter
  • 中国志愿服务联合会
    China Volunteer Service Federation

【斯科特拒绝合影 #孙杨怒吼# 国际泳联各打五十大板】

  • 拒绝参加合照
    refuse to partake in a group picture
  • 火上浇油
    add fuel to the fire
  • 受够了
    be fed up with
  • 国际泳联对二人发出警告。
    Fina admonishes both swimmers.
  • 200米自由泳夺冠
    win the 200-meter freestyle
  • 获得世锦赛第十一枚个人金牌
    earn his 11th individual world title in the Fina competition


  • 加强发展战略对接
    strengthen the alignment of development strategies
  • 全面战略伙伴关系
    comprehensive strategic partnership
  • 取得新成果
    yield new results
  • 维护国家主权
    safeguard national sovereignty
  • 打击宗教极端势力
    fight religious extremists
  • 通过对话协商解决分歧,化解冲突
    resolve disputes and conflicts through dialogue and consultation
  • 第三方市场
    the third-party markets
  • 少数民族
    ethnic minorities


  • 发出警告信
    send a warning letter
  • 运动员及随行人员有责任尊重国际泳联规定。
    Our athletes and their entourages are aware of their responsibilities to respect Fina regulations.
  • 不利用国际泳联的赛事发表个人声明或表态
    not use Fina events to make personal statements or gestures
  • 拒绝登上领奖台,也不与孙杨握手
    refuse to step onto the podium or shake Sun’s hand


  • 欢迎仪式
    welcome ceremony
  • 阿联酋阿布扎比
    Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates
  • 王储
    crown prince

【部分激进分子围堵中联办 触碰”一国两制”底线】

  • 围堵香港中联办
    blockade the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government
  • 向国徽投掷黑色油漆弹
    throw black paintball to the national emblem
  • 在外墙喷涂侮辱性字句
    paint insulting words on the exterior wall
  • 试图冲进办公大楼
    attempt to break into the building
  • 对部分激进示威者的恶劣行径表示强烈谴责
    condemn the vicious behaviors of some radical demonstrators
  • 公然挑战中央政府权威
    blatantly challenge the authority of the Central Government
  • 触碰“一国两制”原则底线
    touch the bottom line of the principle of "one country, two systems"
  • 坚定支持特区政府依法采取一切必要措施
    firmly support the HKSAR Government in taking all necessary measures in accordance with law
  • 维护香港法治
    safeguard the rule of law in Hong Kong

【#章莹颖案凶手终身监禁# 拒不交代遗体下落】

  • 被判处终身监禁,不得保释
    be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of release
  • 检察官和章莹颖的家人要求判处死刑,但陪审团未能对死刑达成一致意见。
    Prosecutors and Zhang's family had pushed for the death penalty, but the jury failed to reach a unanimous decision on that.
  • 不认同但尊重陪审团的决定
    disagree with the result but respect the jury’s decision


  • 外交使节
    diplomatic envoys
  • 习近平外交思想
    Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy
  • 全面贯彻对外工作重要部署
    fully carry out the plans and arrangements of diplomatic work
  • 致以诚挚慰问
    extend sincere greetings


  • 为其母报仇
    take revenge for his mother
  • 死刑
    death penalty
  • 故意伤害
    intentional injury
  • 深仇大恨
    a strong animus
  • 自首
    turned himself in to police

【#长安十二时辰#播出过半 制作精良广受称赞】

  • 《长安十二时辰》
    The Longest Day in Chang'an
  • 上元节
    Lantern Festival
  • 望楼
  • 水盆羊肉
    water basin mutton
  • 从服装到布景都贴合历史,备受赞誉
    laud the show for its historical accuracy from the costumes down to the sets
  • 这部电视剧在豆瓣上被评为8.6分。
    The show reaped a rating of 8.6 on popular review site Douban.
  • 年轻演员易烊千玺饰演男主角李必。
    Young actor Yi Yangqianxi plays protagonist Li Bi.


  • 以人为本的发展观
    people-centered philosophy of development
  • 不忘初心,牢记使命
    keep the original aspiration and mission firmly in mind
  • 民族团结
    ethnic unity
  • 中华民族复兴
    rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
  • 历史悠久的文明
    time-honored civilization
  • 整改问题
    rectification of problems
  • 打赢“三大攻坚战”
    fight the “three critical battles”

【#2019上半年经济数据#: GDP增速6.3% 稳中有进】

  • 主要经济指标运行在合理区间。
    The main economic indicators are within an appropriate range.
  • 高质量经济发展
    high-quality economic growth
  • 大水漫灌式强刺激
    a “flood-like” stimulus package
  • 逆周期调节政策
    counter-cyclical adjustment policies
  • 抵御经济风险
    fend off economic risks
  • 刺激内需
    stimulate domestic market demand

【#中国首枚世锦赛公开水域游泳金牌# 辛鑫女子10公里游泳夺冠!】

  • 为中国赢得世锦赛公开水域项目的第一枚金牌
    win the first gold medal for China in open water swimming at the FINA World Championships
  • 以0.9秒微弱优势领先亚军
    just 0.90 second ahead of silver medalist
  • 赢得2020年夏季奥运会公开水域10公里项目的入场券
    to qualify for the open-water 10km marathon at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games


  • 刑事犯罪
    commit a criminal offense
  • 行政拘留
    administrative detention
  • 零容忍
    zero tolerance
  • 核查外籍教师资质
    inspection of the qualifications of foreign teachers
  • 引发广泛讨论
    spark wide discussion
  • 教学培训机构
    education and training institutions


  • 因香港无线电视(TVB)在报道引渡条例修订中“挺警察”,日本大冢制药株式会社决定撤回在TVB投放的宝矿力水特广告,而TVB认为这一做法是在讨好示威者。
    Hong Kong broadcaster TVB accused Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company of appeasing Hong Kong protesters by its decision to withdraw advertising for the Pocari Sweat sports drink from the channel over alleged bias in favor of the police in TVB’s reporting of the extradition bill protests.
  • 港独分子
    Hong Kong secessionists
  • 对暴力低头
    bow to violence
  • 严厉制裁
    tough sanctions
  • 正在举行的游行示威
    ongoing demonstrations
  • 斥责抗议者的鲁莽行为
    lambast the reckless behavior of protesters
  • 客观报道
    unbiased coverage

【膀爷出动 #多地整治北京比基尼#】

  • 膀爷
    topless guy
  • 赤膊光膀和随意暴露
    shirtlessness and wanton exposure of body parts
  • 上腹部
  • 公众的观感和感受
    perception and feeling of the public
  • 从小从细做起
    start from scratch
  • 治理公共场所衣着不整
    crack down on improper dressing in public places
  • 公共场所吵闹、插队、乱扔杂物、“不文明养犬”等也被列为治理目标,此举旨在提升城市形象。
    Public bickering, jumping queues, littering, and "uncivilized dog walking" are also being targeted, which is aimed at enhancing the image of the city.

【#花木兰#真人版预告发布 “话痨”木须龙没了引争议】

  • 官方预告片
    official trailer
  • 真人版电影
    live-action film
  • 全华人演员阵容
    feature an all-Asian cast
  • 美化人物形象
    whitewash characters
  • 武术
    martial arts

【#良渚古城遗址成功申遗#:我国世界遗产总数升至55处 居世界第一】

  • 一个以稻作农业为经济基础,并拥有统一信仰体系的区域性国家
    a regional state with a unified belief system and supported economically by rice-cultivating agriculture
  • 新石器晚期
    late Neolithic
  • 石器
    stone artifacts
  • 大规模调查发掘
    extensive surveys and excavations
  • 良渚古城遗址
    Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City
  • 世界文化遗产名录
    World Heritage List

【#37城招聘平均月薪8452元# 你拖后腿了没?】

  • 37个主要城市第二季度的平均月薪为8452元。
    The average monthly salary was 8,452 yuan in 37 major cities during the second quarter of this year.
  • 环比增长5%
    represent a 5 percent increase compared with last quarter
  • 北京高居榜首,平均月薪达到11204元,上海与深圳紧随其后。
    Beijing ranked first with its average monthly salary reaching 11,204 yuan, followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen.
  • 平均工资最高的行业是金融业。
    Payment for people involved in the financial industry ranks first.
  • 基金、保险和期货
    funds, securities and futures

【公司连夜换帅 股价崩盘市值暴跌】

  • 中国房地产大亨
    Chinese Property Tycoon
  • 被指控性侵一名九岁女童
    be accused of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl
  • 猥亵儿童
    child molestation
  • 股票价格暴跌
    The equity price tumbled
  • 导致投资者出逃
    trigger an investor exodus
  • 接任take up reins
  • 应从重处罚
    shall be given a heavier punishment
  • 拘役
    criminal detention


  • 冲上讲台向李彦宏脸上泼水
    storm the stage to splash water on Robin Li’s face
  • 人身攻击
    personal attack
  • 竞价排名
    selling listings to bidders
  • 公众形象
    public image
  • 发泄不满和愤怒
    vent dissatisfaction and anger
  • 使用暴力手段
    resort to violence
  • 搜索引擎
    search engine


  • 暴力冲击立法会大楼,肆意损坏立法会设施
    storm the Legislative Council complex in an extremely violent manner and wantonly damaged facilities there
  • 践踏香港法治
    trample Hong Kong’s rule of law
  • 破坏香港社会秩序
    disrupt Hong Kong's social order
  • 损害香港的根本利益
    damage Hong Kong's fundamental interests
  • 对“一国两制”底线的公然挑战
    blatant defiance of the bottom line of 'one country, two systems'
  • 依法追究暴力犯罪者的刑事责任
    hold the violent offenders criminally accountable in accordance with the law


  • 管弦乐队演奏错了曲目。
    The orchestra starts the wrong piece.
  • 操作失误的工作人员随即被开除。
    The culpable member of staff responsible for the error has been abruptly fired.
  • “自信与勇气”特别奖
    Special Prize for Courage and Restraint
  • 柴可夫斯基国际音乐比赛
    International Tchaikovsky Competition
  • 四年举行一次的古典音乐赛事
    a classical-music competition held every four years

【9059.4万名中共党员!党员人数突破九千万 女性比例为27.2%】

  • 中国共产党党员总量突破9000万名。
    The membership of the Communist Party of China exceeded 90 million.
  • “80后、90后”党员占总数的34%。
    About 34 percent of Party members were born in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • 全国女党员的比例达到27.2%。
    Women comprised 27.2 percent of Party members.
  • 自各行各业的人才
    talent from different walks of life
  • 2012年以来,全国平均每年约有390万人递交入党申请。
    An average of 3.9 million people applied to join each year since 2012.