英语热词 | 2019年6月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


【习近平会见日本首相安倍晋三 双方达成10点共识】

  • 当今世界正经历百年未有之大变局,全球治理体系深刻重塑,国际格局加速演变。
    The world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century with the global governance system being profoundly reshaped and the international landscape evolving at a faster pace.
  • 通过对话协商建设性管控矛盾分歧
    manage differences and disputes constructively through dialogue and consultation;
  • 公平、开放、透明、非歧视的市场环境
    a fair, open, transparent and non-discriminatory market environment

【#暴打女孩嫌疑人被抓# 对犯罪事实供认不讳】

  • 殴打和强制猥亵
    carry out the beating and coercive indecency
  • 面部软组织损伤
    facial soft tissue injuries
  • 对犯罪事实供认不讳
    confess to the criminal facts
  • 做进一步的调查
    make further investigations
  • 可能面临5年以上的监禁
    might face up to more than five years of imprisonment
  • 监控摄像头
    surveillance camera

【#祝贺中国3x3女篮#首夺世界冠军 创造历史】

  • 夺得首个国际篮联三人篮球世界杯冠军
    claim first ever FIBA 3x3 World Cup title
  • 决赛中以19:13击败匈牙利女篮
    beat Hungary 19-13 in the final
  • 获得2020年东京奥运会的参赛资格
    earn qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games
  • 在去年的亚运会上,中国女篮也成功夺冠。
    The same Chinese squad won the Asian Games gold last year.

【美公司推出太空葬礼服务 每克骨灰5000美金】

  • “地球升天”服务
    Earth Rise service
  • 太空葬礼
    funeral flight
  • 这些装有骨灰的小盒子将搭载在“猎鹰重型”火箭装载的一个卫星上,一直绕着地球轨道运转。
    The capsules will be on one of the satellites carried by the Falcon Heavy, which will float in orbit for as long as the satellite operates.
  • 每个盒子都刻有墓碑般的铭文,比如“飞向星星!”和“永恒的太空之所”等话语。
    Every capsule is etched with a tombstone-like inscription, including phrases like “Reach for the stars!” and “Space Truckin’ Forever.”


  • 渐冻症
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • 控制肌肉运动的神经元
    nerve cells controlling muscles
  • 无法治愈的疾病
    incurable disease
  • 冰桶挑战
    Ice Bucket Challenge


  • 半岛和平对话的大势已经形成。
    The overriding trend of the Korean Peninsula toward peace and dialogue has been in the making.
  • 半岛核问题
    Korean Peninsula nuclear issue
  • 巩固发展友好合作关系
    consolidate and develop the friendship and cooperative relations
  • 合理关切
    legitimate concerns
  • 深化党际交流
    deepen interparty interactions
  • 国事访问
    state visit


  • 进行深入沟通
    conduct in-depth discussions
  • 共同关心的问题
    issues of common concern
  • 化解冲突
    resolve the dispute
  • 合则两利、斗则俱伤
    gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation
  • 平等对话
    dialogue on an equal footing
  • 照顾彼此的合理关切
    accommodate each other's legitimate concern


  • 六级地震
    6.0-magnitude earthquake
  • 震源深度16千米,位于北纬28.34度,东经104.90度。
    The epicenter, with a depth of 16 km, was monitored at 28.34 degrees north latitude and 104.90 degrees east longitude.
  • 救援赈灾
    rescue and disaster relief
  • 启动应急预案
    activate an emergency response


  • 疟疾治疗
    malaria treatment
  • 传染病
    infectious disease
  • 青蒿素抗药性
    artemisinin resistance
  • 活性成分
    active ingredient
  • 系统性红斑狼疮
    lupus erythematosus
  • 自体免疫疾病
    autoimmune diseases
  • 免疫系统
    immune system


  • 强烈谴责暴动行为
    condemn the violent acts
  • 呼吁回归理性讨论
    call for returning to rational discussion
  • 骚乱造成80人受伤和住院。
    A total of 80 people were injured and hospitalized due to the riot.
  • 使用铁栏杆、砖头等冲击警方防线
    attack police personnel with sharpened iron poles and bricks
  • 迫使立法会会议延期举行
    force the LegCo meeting to be postponed
  • 修订《逃犯条例》草案
    amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance
  • 旨在堵塞香港特区的法律漏洞
    aim to fill loopholes in the HKSAR's existing legal framework


  • 绑架并杀害中国学者章莹颖
    abducted and killed Chinese scholar Zhang Yingying
  • 掐住她的颈部长约10分钟,期间章奋力挣扎
    choked her for 10 minutes while she fought for life
  • 吹嘘章莹颖是他杀害的第十三个人
    brag Zhang was his 13th victim
  • 面临死刑
    face the death penalty
  • 伊利诺伊州自2011年起废除死刑,但联邦法院仍保留死刑。
    Capital punishment was abolished in Illinois state courts in 2011 but remains an option in federal court.
  • 辩护律师
    defense attorney


  • 欢迎外界来分析、检测华为产品
    allow any country and any company to come and review and inspect products
  • 华为从未在其软件中设置安全漏洞。
    Huawei has never built any security holes into its software.
  • 在中国,没有任何一条法律,迫使我们与政府合作。
    There are no laws in China that obligate us to work with the Chinese Government on anything whatsoever.
  • #1周不用智能手机奖1千美元#【美国一家通讯公司发起挑战“翻盖手机挑战”Flip Phone Challenge】
  • 智能手机剥夺了人们每日面对面互动的大部分时间。
    Smartphones reduce the amount of personal interaction we all partake in for the most part.
  • 弃用智能手机一周,就可获得一千美元的奖金
    win $1,000 in exchange for ditching smartphones for a week
  • 使用过时的翻盖手机
    carry an old-school flip phone

【南方#大暴雨袭来# 截止6月9日晚间已致江西省6人死亡】

  • 暴雨
    torrential rain
  • 气象学家预警山体滑坡和洪灾的风险正在增加。
    Meteorologists warn of increased risk of mountain landslides and flooding.
  • 恶劣天气造成了数亿元的经济损失。
    Bad weather caused hundreds of millions of yuan in economic losses.
  • 云南省的干旱状况将得到缓解。
    Drought conditions in Yunnan Province will ease.

【#高考加油#:明日开考 今朝问鼎】

  • 高考
    national college entrance exam
  • 中国交通管理部门呼吁,假期出行的游客避开高峰拥堵时段,行经考点附近时不要鸣喇叭。
    China’s traffic management authority has called on holiday travelers to avoid the rush hours of exam traffic and to refrain from honking when they are near exam sites.
  • 减少对考生的干扰
    reduce disturbance to test takers


  • 文化和旅游部称近期美国枪击、抢劫、盗窃案件频发,提醒中国游客充分评估赴美旅游风险。
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a warning that Chinese tourists should assess risks before traveling to the U.S., saying shootings, robberies and thefts have been on the rise.
  • 提高警惕
    heighten vigilance
  • 公共安全事件
    public security incidents
  • 威胁中国游客的生命财产安全
    pose threats to Chinese travelers' lives and property


  • 发放5G商用牌照
    issue commercial licenses for 5G
  • 无线技术
    wireless technology
  • 5G商用
    commercialization of 5G
  • 电信运营商
    telecom carriers
  • 5G布局
    5G deployment
  • 5G中频段系统设备
    medium-frequency 5G telecom gear


  • 美国政府在与中国的贸易谈判中三次出尔反尔,应对经贸磋商受挫承担全部责任。
    The U.S. Government has backtracked on its commitments three times in the trade negotiations with China and should bear sole responsibility for the stalled progress.
  • 美国对中国在磋商中开倒车的指责是无稽之谈。
    The U.S. accusations of China reneging on the deal are groundless.
  • 强制性要求
    mandatory requirement
  • 矛盾升级
    escalating tensions
  • 初步达成共识
    reach preliminary consensus