创新型国家 innovation-oriented nation
低收入家庭 low-income household/family
服务型政府 service-oriented government
高层次人才 high-caliber personnel
高技能人才 highly skilled personnel
公用互联网 public Internet
固定电话网 fixed-line telephone network
简易过渡房 makeshift shelter
经济适用房 affordable housing
开放型经济 an open economy

科学发展观 scientific outlook on development
人口功能区 functional population zone
三八红旗手 March 8 Red Flag Bearer
下基层锻炼 temper oneself in a grassroots unit
移动通信网 mobile communication network
自觉排队日 Queuing-up Day
地方保护主义 regional protectionism
城市低收入者 low-income city dwellers
爱国统一战线 patriotic united front
坚持基本纲领 uphold the basic program

抗灾救灾工作 efforts to combat disasters and provide relief
平房改造工程 renovation project of shanty dwellings
人事制度改革 reform of personnel system
社会保障工作 social security work
社会保障体制 social security system
社会利益格局 interest of different social groups
社会信用体系 social credit system
社会转型时期 period of social transition
社会组织形式 the way society is organized
特色优势产业 industries with local advantages

贴小广告的人 bill sticker
增强道德观念 enhance one’s moral awareness
重复建设项目 overlapping/ redundant project
住房制度改革 reform of housing system
自主创新能力 capacity for independent innovation
最低生活保障 subsistence allowance
农村富余劳动力 surplus rural labor
社会主义荣辱观 Socialist Concept of Honor and Disgrace
西部大开发战略 western development strategy
保障和改善民生 ensure the wellbeing of the people and improve their lives

粗放性增长方式 extensive mode of growth; inefficient model of growth
城乡社会救助体系 urban and rural emergency aid system
留守女士/留守男士 grass widow/widower
农村合作医疗制度 system of rural cooperative medical care
城乡公共就业与服务 urban and rural systems for providing public employment services
加强和改善宏观调控 improve macro control
社会主义核心价值观 core socialist values
《国家发展规划纲要》 Outline of the National Development Program
(农村)劳动力转移就业 (rural workers) find work in nonagricultural sectors
城镇职工基本养老保险制度 basic old-age insurance system for urban workers