户口 registered permanent residence
民生 people’s wellbeing
团购 group buying
乡长 township head
城管 urban management officers
恶搞 video spoof
房奴 mortgage slave
黑车 unlicensed cab
毕婚族 marry-upon-graduation
安家费 settling-in allowance

代排族 hired queuers
短租房 short-term housing/accommodation
二手房 pre-owned house; second-hand house
封口费 hush money
个体户 the self-employed
公务车 state-financed vehicle
公务员 civil/public servant
假文凭 fake diplomas
开瓶费 corkage fee
两限房 house of two limits; house with limited price and habitable area

廉租房 low-rent housing
农民工 migrant worker
农业税 agricultural tax
泡网吧 hit the Internet bar
双休日 two-day weekend
双职工 working couple
群租客 tenant groups
入住率 occupancy rate
潜规则 casting couch
闪跳族 habitual job hopper

筒子楼 tube-shaped apartment building
学区房 school-nearby house
暂住证 temporary residence permit
安居工程 Comfortable/Affordable Housing Project
城市补丁 run-down neighborhoods
低保制度 subsistence security system
恶性循环 vicious circle
法治政府 law-based government
(非法)传销 pyramid schemes; multi-level marketing
非法收入 illegal earnings; illicit income

福利彩票 welfare lottery
改革攻坚 further reform in difficult areas; tackle hard issues in the reform
改革试点 pilot reform program
公共参与 public/communal participation
和谐社会 harmonious society
黑恶势力 Mafia-like gangs
基层社区 grassroots community
减员增效 downsize the staff to improve efficiency
空巢家庭 empty-nest/childless family
就业指导 employment guidance

面子工程 vanity/image project
民族团结 ethnic unity
南水北调 South-to-North water diversion
贫富差距 disparity in wealth distribution
贫困人口 impoverished people
权力下放 shift of power to the grassroots; delegate power to the lower levels
社会结构 social structure
市政工程 municipal/public works
数字鸿沟 digital divide
天灾人祸 natural calamities and man-made misfortunes

同城待遇 identical treatment
无偿献血 unpaid blood donation
五好家庭 Five-Virtues Family
下岗职工 unemployed workers and staff; laid-off employees
乡镇企业 township enterprises
学生减负 reduce students’ study load
严打斗争 strike-hard operation/campaign to crack down crimes
总体规划 overall plan
引进人才 bring in needed personnel
优抚安置 provide special assistance to entitled groups