英语热词 | 2018年11月北京周报微博时事英语汇总



  • 化工厂附近爆炸
    a blast near a chemical plant
  • 伤者被紧急送往医院就医。
    The injured were rushed to hospital.
  • 38辆卡车12辆汽车在事故中被烧毁。
    38 trucks and 12 cars were engulfed in the accident.
  • 援救和搜查工作正在进行中。
    Rescue and search operations are underway.
  • 救济工作
    relief work
  • 初步调查
    preliminary investigation

#歌手陈羽凡吸毒# 羽泉20周年演唱会取消

  • 冰毒
    crystal meth
  • 大麻
  • 陈羽凡两项药物检测均呈阳性。
    Chen Yufan tested positive for both drugs.
  • 取消了备受关注的演唱会
    cancel a much-anticipated live concert
  • 让朋友们失望
    let down friends
  • 创作歌手
  • 火上浇油
    add fuel to the fire


  • 巩固传统友谊,加强两国合作
    consolidate traditional friendship and strengthen cooperation between the two countries'
  • 中西双方同舟共济、互利合作、共克时艰。
    China worked together with Spain like passengers in a same boat to overcome difficulties through mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • 提升两国全面战略伙伴关系水平
    enhance the China-Spain comprehensive strategic partnership
  • 夯实双边关系政治基础
    strengthen the political foundation for bilateral ties
  • 加强两国发展理念交流和战略对接
    build greater synergy between our development visions and strategies
  • 做好双边关系发展顶层设计
    make proper top-level planning for the growth of our relations
  • 深化两国务实合作,拉紧双边关系利益纽带
    deepen practical cooperation and expand shared interests
  • 扩大两国人文交流,厚植双边关系民意基础
    expand cultural and people-to-people exchanges and build stronger public support for bilateral relations
  • 密切两国国际合作,维护世界和平、稳定、繁荣
    strengthen cooperation in international affairs and uphold peace, stability and prosperity in the world

全球#首例免疫艾滋病基因编辑婴儿# 引发争议

  • 世界首例基因编辑婴儿
    world's first gene-edited babies
  • 双胞胎女婴露露和娜娜
    a pair of twin baby girls, Lulu and Nana
  • 对艾滋病毒免疫
    be immune to HIV
  • 通过基因编辑改变人类胚胎
    make changes to human embryos with genetic editing
  • 有很高的风险
    entail high risk
  • 医学伦理
    medical ethics
  • 加快立法速度
    make quick legislative moves


  • #蔡英文#宣布辞去民主进步党主席的职务。
    Tsai Ing-wen resigned as chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party
  • 忽视许多团体的利益
    ignore the interests of many groups
  • 九二共识
    1992 Consensus
  • 迫使两岸关系陷入僵局
    force the cross-Straits ties into a deadlock
  • 不愿投票支持民进党候选人
    be reluctant to vote for the DPP's candidates

瞒报!#泉港碳九实际泄漏量#69.1吨 7人被批捕

  • 在卸载有毒化学物质时,油桶破裂
    an oil tanker ruptured while offloading toxic petrochemicals
  • 裂解碳九泄漏量为69.1吨
    a leak of 69.1 metric tons of petrochemicals
  • 伪造证据
    falsify evidence
  • 通过隐瞒事实来逃避处置
    cover up facts to escape punishment
  • 7人被批捕。
    Seven people have been detained.
  • 派遣调查队
    dispatch an investigative team

王毅评#习主席出访#:引领开放合作潮流 开启共同发展新程

  • 同东南亚邻国共谋战略合作布局
    plan strategic cooperation with Southeast Asian neighbors;
  • 同太平洋岛国共绘可持续发展蓝图
    envision sustainable development with Pacific island countries;
  • 倡导命运共同体意识
    highlight the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind;
  • 为实现共同发展和进步汇聚更广泛共识
    broaden the consensus on common development;
  • 为世界和亚太经济发展与合作提供中国方案、贡献中国智慧
    offer China's wisdom and approaches to achieving economic development and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large;
  • 有利于培育各方利益契合点和经济增长点
    expand the common ground of interests and increase growth points;
  • 巩固和增强互信
    reinforce mutual trust;
  • 妥善处理好敏感问题
    properly handle the sensitive issues;
  • 同意从战略高度和长远角度引领双边关系发展
    agree on strengthening coordination and consultation within the multilateral framework;
  • 在南海有广泛共同利益
    shares extensive interests in the South China Sea


  • 种族歧视
    accusations of racism
  • 以怪异、玩弄的方式使用筷子
    using chopsticks in odd and playful ways
  • 引发热议
    spark heated discussions
  • 该品牌称其官方账号和创始人斯蒂芬诺?嘉班纳的账号被盗。
    The brand said its and co-founder Stefano Gabbana's accounts were hacked.
  • 轻视中国文化
    trivialize Chinese culture
  • 要求此品牌致歉
    demanded an apology from the brand
  • 中国一线明星
    Chinese top celebrities
  • 退出
    pull out
  • 因集体抵制而取消
    eventually canceled due to the collective boycott


  • 自由贸易试验区
    pilot free trade zones (FTZs)
  • 对中国经济的发展产生深远的影响
    having a far-reaching impact over the development of the Chinese economy
  • 成为全球资产管理中心
    becoming a global asset management center
  • 助推欠发达内陆地区发展,推动“一带一路”建设
    promoting the country's undeveloped interior and facilitating the Belt and Road Initiative
  • 国际物流的交汇点
    a junction for international logistics


  • 给所有女性贴上崇尚金钱的标签
    putting the label of worshipping money on all women
  • 寻找挣钱多的男性,不顾他的人品
    looking for men that earn a lot of money regardless of integrity
  • 有良心
    having a clear conscience
  • 引起轰动
    causing a stir
  • 性别平等
    gender equality
  • 追求知性生活
    pursuing an intellectual life
  • 发表言论
    voicing one’s opinion


  • 11月17日,第55届金马奖颁奖典礼在中国台湾台北市举行,现场群星荟萃,众多国内电影明星和导演纷纷出席。
    The 55th Golden Horse Awards ceremony was held on November 17 in Taipei City, China's Taiwan, with a dazzling constellation of domestic movie stars and directors in attendance.
  • 许多大牌明星齐聚这场盛大的电影典礼。
    Many big names came to savor the grand celebration.
  • 最佳导演阵容
    best-director lineups
  • 新晋导演
    up-and-coming director
  • 《大象席地而坐》提名了6个奖项。
    An Elephant Sitting Still was nominated for six awards.


  • 把握包容性机遇
    harnessing inclusive opportunities;
  • 拥抱数字化未来
    embracing the digital future;
  • 推进区域经济一体化
    advancing economic integration in the region;
  • 推进贸易和投资自由化便利化
    promoting trade and investment liberalization and facilitation;
  • 坚持创新驱动,培育增长新动能
    pursuing innovation-driven growth and fostering new growth drivers;
  • 释放数字经济增长潜能
    unleashing the growth potential of the digital economy;
  • 完善互联互通网络,促进包容联动发展
    improving the connectivity network to promote inclusive and interconnected development;
  • 深化伙伴关系,携手应对共同挑战
    forging a closer partnership and jointly meeting common challenges


  • 相互尊重、平等相待、合作共赢原则
    principles of mutual trust, equality and win-win cooperation
  • 给两国和两国人民带来了实实在在的利益
    bring tangible benefits to both countries and peoples
  • 树立了发展中国家友好关系典范serve as an example of friendly relations between developing countrie
  • 描绘中巴新关系发展新蓝图,推动两国关系百尺竿头、更进一步
    chart the course for further development of bilateral ties to reach a greater height
  • 为亚太乃至世界经济发展注入新动力、作出新贡献
    inject fresh momentum into and make new contributions to the development of Asia-Pacific and world economy
  • 向巴布亚新几内亚政府和人民致以诚挚问候和良好祝愿
    extend sincere greetings and good wishes to the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government and people


  • 加强空气污染治理
    strengthen air pollution governance
  • 制定降低PM2.5平均强度目标
    set a goal of reducing the average intensity of PM2.5
  • 分散污染物
    disperse pollutants
  • 减少散装煤消耗量
    reduce bulk coal consumption
  • 关闭污染管理不善的公司
    close poorly managed polluting companies
  • 根除与空气污染有关的违规行为
    root out violations related to air pollution
  • 加快产业升级和能源结构调整
    accelerate industrial upgrading and energy structure adjustment
  • 实现技术创新的突破
    achieve breakthroughs in technology innovation


  • “漫威之父”斯坦?李离世,享年95岁。他创造了一系列漫威英雄和一个个票房奇迹。
    Stan Lee, who dreamed up a cavalcade of Marvel Comics superheroes with soaring success at the movie box office, died at the age of 95
  • 使几代年轻人为之着迷
    enthrall generations of young readers
  • 斯坦李让超级英雄的形象变得丰满,赋予英雄们人性的光辉。
    Lee was widely credited with adding a new layer of complexity and humanity to superheroes.
  • 即使他的主角们看起来无坚不摧,却没有一个是铁石心肠。
    His characters were not made of stone - even if they appeared to have been chiseled from granite.


  • 针对11月4日泉州碳九泄漏事件,涉事企业福建东港石油化工实业有限公司4名工作人员被调查。
    Four people from the Fujian Donggang Petrochemical Industry are being investigated by police over the chemical leak on November 4 in Quanzhou, Fujian province.
  • 化学残留物
    chemical residue
  • 散发出难闻且让人头晕的气味
    give off a faint unpleasant odor
  • 加强生态环境修复力度,改善当地水产养殖环境
    step up ecological repair efforts and improve the local aquacultural environment
  • 监测周围空气和水中泄漏物质的化学成分
    monitor the content of the leaked chemical in surrounding air and water


  • 在一年一度的双十一购物节当天,阿里巴巴旗下的天猫商城销售额高达2135亿元。
    Sales on Alibaba's online marketplace Tmall during the annual Singles Day shopping spree hit 213.5 billion yuan
  • 抢购国内外商品和服务
    snap up goods and services from home and abroad
  • 成为主要的经济增长动力
    become a major economic growth driver
  • 贸易摩擦
    trade frictions
  • 破坏强劲势头
    undermine the robust momentum


  • 重庆宣布在公交车内设置司机“保护罩”。
    Chongqing has announced that independent driver's cabins will be set up inside buses.
  • 安全隔离区
    safety partitions
  • 避免司机被乘客干扰
    protect drivers from possible interference by passengers
  • 自2015年起,北京已开始为公交车安装应急报警按钮,在司机遇袭或其他紧急情况下可一键报警。到2020年,应急报警按钮将覆盖北京所有的公交车辆。
    An emergency button to call police has been provided to Beijing's bus drivers in case of assaults or other emergencies since 2015, and it's planned to make them available to all drivers by 2020.


  • 立冬意味着冬季的来临,秋收的粮食应该储存起来了。
    Start of Winter means winter is coming and crops harvested in autumn should be stored up.
  • 古时,皇帝会率领群臣在郊野祭天,迎接冬天的到来。
    In ancient times, emperor would lead his officials to the suburbs and perform the ceremony of "welcoming the winter."
  • 福建、广东和台湾等地的人们习惯进补些高热量食物。
    People in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan provinces like to eat high-calorie food.
  • 天津人会吃倭瓜馅的饺子。
    People in Tianjin eat dumplings stuffed with Chinese pumpkins (wogua).
  • 在无锡,人们会吃团子。团子是用新米制作的一种中国传统食物。
    People in Wuxi have a custom of eating tuanzi, a kind of traditional Chinese food made with the newly-harvested rice


  • 最近,云南一县级市发布关于城市养犬的相关规定,提出早上7时至晚上10时之间禁止溜犬。
    A recent ordinance on keeping dogs in the urban area of a county-level city in Southwest China's Yunnan Province stipulated dog owners could not walk their dogs from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • 携犬出户时,犬只必须使用束犬链,犬链长度不得超过1米,并由成年人牵引。
    The dog must be on a leash no longer than one meter and held by an adult when going outdoors.
  • 接种疫苗
    receive vaccines
  • 犬主人清洁公共场所的犬粪便。
    Owners should clean up their pet's fecal matter in public places.
  • 不打扰他人休息或者惊吓和攻击他人。
    Do not disturb others' rest or even frighten and attack people.


  • 夺冠
    claim the championship
  • 2018英雄联盟全球总决赛
    2018 League of Legends (LOL) World Championship final match
  • 中国电竞俱乐部iG
    Chinese eSports club Invictus Gaming (iG)
  • 一场期待已久的胜利
    a long-awaited victory
  • 尽管电竞将成为2022杭州亚运会正式项目,但它的奥运之路仍然十分坎坷。
    Although esports will be a medal event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in Zhejiang Province, the road to the Olympics seems bumpy.


  • 乘客与司机互殴,导致车辆失控坠入长江。
    Fistfight between the driver and a passenger caused Chongqing bus to plunge into Yangtze River.
  • 打捞工作
    salvage work/ salvage operations
  • 浮吊船
    floating crane
  • 黑匣子记录设备
    black-box recording device

#阿里巴巴#携手#卢旺达# 共建eWTP平台

  • 本周三,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴和卢旺达政府启动电子世界贸易平台(eWTP),卢旺达成为第一个共同建设eWTP的非洲国家。
    China's e-commerce giant Alibaba and the government of Rwanda Wednesday launched Alibaba's Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP), which makes Rwanda the first African country that launches this platform.
  • 跨境电子贸易
    cross-border electronic trade
  • 包容性金融工具
    inclusive financial tools
  • 工业对经济增长的贡献度
    industrial contribution to the economic growth
  • 电子世界贸易平台为卢旺达开拓了电子商务和旅游业的新领域,也将帮助提高卢旺达企业家及经商者的能力和竞争力。
    The eWTP opens up new frontiers in e-commerce and tourism for Rwanda and will also boost the capacity and competitiveness of Rwandan entrepreneurs and business people.