英语热词 | 2018年9月北京周报微博时事英语汇总



  • 振兴
  • 粮食生产和水资源利用
    grain production and water resource utilization
  • 推进农业机械化、智能化
    advance mechanized agriculture and smart farming
  • 国际上单边主义、贸易保护主义上升,中国必须坚持走自力更生的道路。
    China must stick to the path of self-reliance amid rising unilateralism and protectionism in the present world.
  • 绿水青山就是金山银山,冰天雪地也是金山银山。
    Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and so are ice and snow.
  • 留住人才
    retain talent
  • 对腐败零容忍
    show zero tolerance for corruption

9月27日#世界旅游日# 我国多个景区门票半价或免票

  • 自1980年起,世界旅游组织正式将每年9月27日设立为世界旅游日。
    Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day as international observances on September 27.
  • 今年的主题是“旅游与数字转型”,将探讨数字技术对旅游发展和实现旅游现代化的重要性,及其对未来旅游业的影响。
    The theme this year is “Tourism and digital transformation.” The importance of digital technology in tourism and its role in achieving modernity will be discussed, apart from its place in moulding the future of tourism.
  • 旅游业可持续发展
    sustainable tourism development
  • #全域旅游#
    holistic tourism / all-for-one tourism

沉没了124年的#甲午海战经远舰#被发现 较“致远”、“定远”保存更完整

  • 中国考古学家在辽宁省大连市黄海海域附近的一艘沉船中发现了铁、玻璃、陶瓷、皮革等各类遗物标本500余件。
    Over 500 relics made of iron, glass, porcelain, leather and other materials were found by Chinese archaeologists at a shipwreck in the northern part of the Yellow Sea near Dalian, Liaoning Province.
  • 国家文化遗产管理局称沉船是中日甲午战争期间(1894-95)被日军击沉的经远舰。
    According to the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the shipwreck is the warship Jingyuan that was sunk by the Japanese Navy during the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95).
  • 这些遗物将为研究中国近代史提供新依据。
    The study of these relics will open new avenues for research into China’s modern history.


  • 《红海行动》改编自2015年我国的一次撤侨行动。当时,中国人民解放军派出一艘战舰,帮助近600名中国公民从战火连天的也门撤离。
    The story of Operation Red Sea was adapted from an evacuation operation carried out in 2015, when the People's Liberation Army Navy sent a warship to war-battered Yemen and relocated nearly 600 Chinese citizens.
  • 角逐第91届奥斯卡金像奖最佳外语片奖
    compete for the Best Foreign Language Film honor at the 91st Academy Awards 大片
  • 票房
    box office


  • 中美贸易摩擦
    Sino-U.S. trade frictions
  • 再次对中国产品加征关税
    impose fresh tariffs on Chinese goods
  • 生效
    come into effect
  • 贸易霸凌
    trade bullyism
  • 构成严重威胁
    pose a grave threat
  • 多边贸易体系
    multilateral trading system
  • 美国实行单边主义、保护主义和经济霸权主义,对许多国家和地区,特别是中国,做出一系列不实指责,利用加征关税等经济手段进行恫吓,试图采取极限施压方法将自身利益诉求强加于中国。
    It has preached unilateralism, protectionism, and economic hegemony, make false accusations against many countries and regions, particularly China, intimidating other countries through economic measures such as imposing tariffs and attempting to impose its own interests on China through extreme pressure.
  • 抛弃相互尊重的国际交往基本准则
    abandon the norms of mutual respect that guide international relations
  • 白皮书
    white paper


  • 主持人的言论充满对中国和其他族裔的歧视、偏见和挑衅,完全背离了媒体职业道德。
    The program moderator's remarks were full of discrimination, prejudice and provocation against China and other ethnic groups, completely deviating from the media professional ethics.
  • 故意回避节目中的种族歧视言行,完全是狡辩和避重就轻。
    The statements intentionally dodged the racist language and contents in the show. Such statements are nothing but making up excuses and evading the point.
  • 种族主义和仇外心理
    racism and xenophobia
  • 严正交涉
    lodge stern representation
  • 强烈抗议
    strongly condemn
  • 消除恶劣影响
    eliminate the bad influence

#星巴克#牵手阿里 开通外卖配送业务

  • 星巴克及其外卖合作伙伴“饿了么”的首要任务,是尽力保证店内制作的咖啡和配送至顾客办公室或家中的咖啡品质相同。
    How to maintain the same quality between a handcrafted cup of coffee brewed at stores and one delivered to customers sitting in an office or at home is the priority for Starbucks and its delivery collaborator ele.me.
  • 智能订单配送系统会自动选择离顾客最近的星巴克门店,确保及时高效的外卖配送。An intelligent order-and-delivery system will automatically choose the nearest Starbucks location to fulfill an order to ensure timely and efficient delivery.
  • 防洒杯
    spill-proof cup
  • 外卖服务
    delivery services
  • 国内竞争对手
    domestic rival
  • 适应快速变化的中国市场
    adapt to the fast changing Chinese market.


  • 北斗三号导航卫星
    BeiDou-3 navigation satellites
  • 长征三号运载火箭
    Long March-3B carrier rocket
  • 西昌卫星发射中心
    Xichang Satellite Launch Center
  • 轨道
  • 遇险报警及导航服务
    danger alerts and navigation services
  • 北斗七星
    Big Dipper


  • 宁夏回族自治区
    Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
  • 中共中央政治局
    the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee
  • 全国政协
    the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
  • 中央代表团
    central delegation
  • 建设美丽新宁夏,共圆伟大中国梦
    building beautiful and new Ningxia, jointly realizing the great Chinese dream
  • 题词贺匾揭幕
    unveil a plaque with an inscription
  • 生态建设
    ecological progress
  • 民族团结
    ethnic unity

#夏季达沃斯# 聚焦中国经济:中国新动能 世界新动力

  • “在第四次工业革命中打造创新型社会”
    Building an Innovation Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • 以规则为基础的多边贸易体制,是经济全球化和自由贸易的基石,其权威应得到尊重和维护。
    The authority of the rule-based multilateral trading system, the foundation for globalization and free trade, should be respected and safeguarded.
  • 经济下行压力
    downward pressure on the economy
  • 培育新动能
    foster new drivers
  • 减少行政繁文缛节
    cut administrative red tape
  • 大众创业万众创新
    mass entrepreneurship and innovation
  • 包容性发展
    inclusive development.


  • 火锅连锁店
    hotpot restaurant chain
  • 首次公开发行
    initial public offering (IPO)
  • 定价区间
    price range
  • 参股
    take a stake
  • 营业额
    operating revenue
  • 主要投资方
    cornerstone investors
  • 净利润
    net profit
  • 周到的服务
    attentive customer service
  • 可能筹得9.63亿美元,成为今年香港的第五大上市交易。
    The fundraising value could reach $963 million, making it the fifth-largest IPO in Hong Kong this year.


  • 本周二,中国宣布将于9月24日起,对600亿美元商品加征关税,回应美国最新宣布的对中国商品加征关税措施。
    China announced on Tuesday it will impose additional tariffs on U.S. products worth $60 billion starting from September 24 in response to the newly announced U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods.
  • 国务院关税税则委员会公布对美加征关税商品清单,将对3571个税目商品加征10%的关税,对1636个税目商品加征5%的关税。
    The Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council unveiled lists of 3,571 items of U.S. products to be subject to additional tariffs of 10 percent, and lists of another 1,636 items to be subject to additional tariffs of 5 percent.
  • 贸易摩擦升级
    the escalation of trade friction
  • 为捍卫自由贸易和多边体制,捍卫自身合法权益,中方不得不采取反制措施。
    China was forced to take countermeasures in defense of free trade and multilateral system, and its own legitimate rights and interests.
  • 阻止摩擦升级
    stem the friction from escalating
  • 务实对话
    pragmatic dialogue
  • 发挥关税杠杆作用
    leverage tariff hikes


  • 九一八事变
    September 18 Incident
  • 日军炸毁一段铁路
    Japanese troops blew up a section of railway
  • 进攻的借口
    a pretext for attack
  • 全面侵华
    full-scale invasion of China
  • 全民族抗日战争
    a nationwide War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression
  • 鸣笛
    siren alarm
  • 铭记在心
    etched in minds


  • 网络安全为人民,网络安全靠人民
    cybersecurity for the people and cybersecurity through the people
  • 截至6月底,中国的互联网用户数为8.02亿,国内网站数量为544万个。
    China had an Internet population of 802 million and 5.44 million websites by the end of June.
  • 数字身份信息被盗或被泄露
    Digital identities were stolen or exposed
  • 网络攻击
    cyber attacks
  • 身份窃取
    identity theft
  • 盗取银行账户
    bank account theft
  • 网络诈骗
    online fraud
  • 2018年上半年,有483万台终端和服务器被检测出感染网络病毒,同比下降61.9%。
    4.83 million terminals and servers were detected to be infected with Internet viruses in the first half of 2018, a 61.9 percent drop year on year.


  • 台风山竹
    Typhoon Mangkhut
  • 导致数百架航班被取消
    cause hundreds of flights canceled
  • 转移安置
  • 跨省高铁恢复运行
    trans-provincial high-speed rail trains resume operations
  • 山体滑坡


  • 瑞典斯德哥尔摩发生一起中国游客遭警方暴力对待的事件,中国驻瑞典大使馆上周六就此事发表声明,引发公众关注。
    A case of Chinese tourists being abused by police in Stockholm, Sweden, has gripped the public since the Chinese embassy in Sweden released a statement on the incident on Saturday.
  • 心血管疾病
    cardiovascular disease
  • 驱逐;赶出去
    eject from…
  • 曾先生和他的父母被警车带走,随后被送往一处“坟地”。
    Zeng and his parents were taken away in a police car and later dropped off at a cemetery.
  • 安全防范措施
    safety precautions
  • “我们希望瑞典方面能够依法处理此案,并敦促瑞典政府立即采取行动,保护中国公民在瑞典的安全及合法权益。”
    “We hope that the Swedish side will handle the case in accordance with the law, and we urge the Swedish side again to take immediate actions to protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Sweden.”


  • “营养餐”中只给学生半碗干拌面,远低于教育部门规定的营养标准
    serve students half a bowl of dry noodles as part of their "healthy set meals", way below the nutritional standard set by the education department
  • 强烈谴责
  • 食堂
  • 解雇


  • 该剧根据乾隆皇帝第二位皇后乌拉那拉·如懿的真实故事改编,讲述了她在紫禁城内的悲惨生活。
    Based on the true story of Ulanara Ruyi, the second queen of Emperor Qianlong, the series chronicles her tragic life inside the walls of the Forbidden City.
  • 道具精美、布景奢华、演员阵容强大
    exquisite props, lavish sets and stellar cast
  • 全景描绘
    panoramic portrayal
  • 清朝,作为中国最后一个封建王朝,给后世留下了大量的卷轴和书籍,详细记录了前统治者们的生活,激发了许多电影和电视剧的创作灵感。
    As the last imperial dynasty in China, the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) court left numerous scrolls and books detailing the lives of our former rulers, which have inspired a number of movies and television dramas.


  • 期盼已久的
  • 6.5英寸巨屏
    a massive 6.5-inch screen
  • 双卡双待
    Dual SIM Dual Standby
  • 允许用户在同一部手机上使用两个不同的号码和运营商。
    allow users to have two different phone numbers and two different carriers on the same phone
  • 新款苹果手机最突出的特点不是升级后的摄像头或新型设计,而是更高的售价。
    Apple's standout feature in its new lineup of iPhones isn't an upgraded camera or even new design. It's a higher price tag.

习近平访问“海洋”全俄儿童中心 汶川地震灾区儿童曾在此疗养

  • 患难与共
    share weal and woe
  • 康复
  • 大地震
    a massive earthquake
  • 《感恩的心》
    A Grateful Heart
  • 共同推动中俄友谊发展的伟大进程
    make joint efforts to carry forward the great cause of China-Russia friendship
  • 增强沟通,交流互鉴
    enhance communication and mutual learning
  • 构建人类命运共同体
    build a community with a shared future for mankind
  • #东方经济论坛#
    Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)

#孕妇遭网红殴打# 警方解释施暴者#Saya#为何尚未被拘留

  • 网红
    internet celebrity
  • 攻击
    launch assault;
  • 出现流产先兆
    at high risk of having a miscarriage
  • 嫌疑人
  • 拘留
  • 微博大V王思聪也在微博上发声,谴责Saya。
    Famous social media persona Wang Sicong also condemned Saya on Weibo.
  • 这一事件在网上引发了广泛关注。
    The incident attracted considerable interest online.

著名评书艺术家#单田芳去世# 世上再无“且听下回分解”

  • 中国著名评书艺术家#单田芳#因病逝世,享年84岁。
    Shan Tianfang, China’s legendary Pingshu performer, died at 84 due to illness.
  • 24岁时,他首次登台,靠表演《三国演义》等经典评书作品而一举成名。《三国演义》改编自14世纪罗贯中的同名历史小说。
    He made his stage debut when he was 24 and soon rose to fame by performing classic pingshu works, including Romance of the Three Kingdoms, based on a 14th-century historical novel of the same title by Luo Guanzhong.
  • 2012年,他在第七届中国曲艺牡丹奖颁奖典礼上荣获终身成就奖。
    In 2012, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 7th Peony Awards for China Quyi.
  • 相声
    crosstalk/comic dialogue;
  • 评书
  • 戏曲
    ballad singing;
  • 快板
    clapper talk;
  • 小品
    sketch comedy/opusculum


  • 中国电器生产商海尔集团公布了即将上映的新版动画《海尔兄弟》的两张海报。
    The production team of China's appliances company Haier Group released two posters of the protagonists from its forthcoming new edition of "Haier Brothers".
  • 穿上外衣的新版人物与原版动画中只穿泳裤的哥俩相差甚远。
    The new characters wearing outfits are a far cry from the original duo who were only in swimming trunks.
  • 怀旧
  • 很多人认为海尔兄弟是他们童年最美好的回忆之一。
    The two iconic Haier mascots are deemed by many as part of their best childhood memories.


  • 中国第二家互联网法院9月9日在北京成立,有关部门正加紧采取措施保护网络交易、个人信息安全和知识产权。
    China's second internet court opened in Beijing on September 9 as authorities step up measures to protect business transactions, personal information, and intellectual property online.
  • 每个案件的诉讼程序:从提交诉讼到调解、听证会和判决公告都将在网上公开。可向中级法院或知识产权法院等专门法院提出上诉并由其审理。
    Proceedings of each case -- from lawsuit filing to mediation, hearing, and judgment announcement -- will be accessible online. Appeals can be lodged and heard by an intermediate court or a special court such as the intellectual property court.
  • 字节跳动旗下短视频应用“抖音”诉百度旗下“伙拍小视频”侵权案成为互联网法院受理的第一案。
    The lawsuit filed by Bytedance's music video app, Douyin against Baidu’s Nani for infringement becomes the first case accepted by Beijing Internet Court.


  • 阿里巴巴集团创始人马云将于2019年9月10日离任集团董事局主席,届时由现任集团CEO张勇接任。
    Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Chinese e-commerce tycoon Alibaba will leave his position as the company's chairman on September 10, 2019. CEO Daniel Zhang Yong will take over as chairman.
  • 公司完成了从依靠个人特质变成依靠组织机制、依靠人才文化的企业制度升级。
    The company has upgraded from an individual-dependent enterprise into a company with a dependable system and talent pool.
  • “我想回归教育,做我热爱的事情会让我无比兴奋和幸福。”
    "I want to return to the teaching business, because I will be super excited and happy to do things I love."
  • 他仍然是乡村教师代言人、阿里巴巴扶贫基金主席、马云公益基金创始人、联合国贸易和发展会议特别顾问。
    Ma is still a spokesperson for country teachers, chairman of the Alibaba Poverty Relief Fund, founder of the Ma Yun Public Welfare Fund and a special consultant at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
  • 阿里巴巴目前市值约为4176亿美元,其业务已由电子商务扩展至数字支付、云计算和大制作电影领域。
    Alibaba's current market value is about $417.6 billion and its business has evolved by expanding beyond e-commerce to include digital payments, cloud computing and the production of big-budget movies.


  • 微软正在与华为商讨合作事宜,考虑在微软中国数据中心使用华为新开发的AI芯片。
    Microsoft and Huawei are in talks to begin using the company’s new AI chips in Microsoft data centers within China.
  • 助力华为挑战英伟达的行业霸主地位
    give Huawei a leg up on industry leading NVidia chips
  • 运用微软的演算法测试新芯片
    conducting tests by running Microsoft’s algorithms on the new Huawei chip
  • 必应语音识别软件
    the Bing search engine’s speech recognition software

#自如甲醛超标租客生病# 承诺解决方案落实难 给租户送绿植

  • 甲醛含量过高引发白血病并致死
    die of leukemia caused by excessive formaldehyde levels
  • 长租
    long-term rentals
  • 出租不适宜居住的公寓
    leasing apartments unfit for habitation
  • 一种潜在致癌化学物质
    a potentially carcinogenic chemical
  • 根据国家标准,室内甲醛含量不应超过每立方米0.1毫克。
    According to the national standard, levels of indoor formaldehyde should not exceed 0.1 mg per cubic meter.
  • 尊重法院判决
    respect the court's verdict


  • 25年来最强台风登陆日本
    the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in at least 25 years
  • 约5000人滞留机场。
    Around 5,000 people were stranded at the airport.
  • 中国领事馆迅速制定应急方案,700名中国旅客被安全接走。
    The Chinese consulate swiftly enacted their emergency response plan and over 700 Chinese tourists were sent to the safe place.

#巴西国家博物馆起火# 九成文物被毁

  • 火光冲天,点亮夜幕
    light up the night sky with towering flames
  • 冲进火海拯救历史文物
    race to save historical relics from the blaze
  • 与巴西和其他国家的历史有关的大量藏品
    a vast collection related to the history of Brazil and other countries
  • 早前,人们曾为一个恐龙展览的重新开展发起网络众筹。
    An online crowd funding effort was set up earlier this year to reopen one of the dinosaur exhibits.

美国三家律所发起调查 质疑京东披露的相关信息失实

  • 美国三家律师事务所宣布,正在调查京东是否发布了关于刘强东案件的不实信息。
    Three US law firms announced they are investigating whether JD issued false or misleading statements on Liu's case.
  • 京东股价大跌。
    JD's shares plunged.
  • 邀请受损股东参与调查
    invite shareholders who suffered losses to participate in the investigation
  • 或引发集体诉讼
    a possible class action lawsuit
  • 美国存托凭证
    American depositary receipts
  • 涉嫌犯罪性行为
    on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct
  • 引发热议
    elicited an outpouring of discussions


  • 北京宣言
    Beijing Declaration
  • 构建更加紧密的中非命运共同体
    toward an Even Stronger China-Africa Community with a Shared Future
  • 中非合作论坛北京行动计划
    FOCAC Beijing Action Plan
  • 圆桌会议
    roundtable meeting
  • 责任共担
    assume joint responsibility
  • 合作共赢
    pursue win-win cooperation
  • 幸福共享
    deliver happiness for all
  • 文化共兴
    enjoy cultural prosperity
  • 安全共筑
    ensure common security
  • 和谐共生
    promote harmony between man and nature

#2018亚运会#闭幕 中国连续10届蝉联奖牌榜首

  • 取得圆满成功
    draw to a successful end
  • 一场精彩的闭幕式
    a stellar closing ceremony
  • 见证六项世界纪录的产生
    witness six world records
  • 虽然赛事组织的时间有限,预算紧张,雅加达还是证明了它举办国际性体育赛事的能力。
    Although Jakarta had to organize the event in a short time, on a tight budget, the capital city has proved that it can host a multi-sport international event.
  • 中国作为亚洲体育强国再次领跑奖牌榜。
    Asian sports power China again dominated medal table of the multi-sport event.


  • 中非领导人与工商界代表高层对话会
    High-Level Dialogue Between Chinese and African Leaders and Business Representatives
  • 第六届中非企业家大会
    the Sixth Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs
  • 发表题为《共同迈向富裕之路》的主旨演讲
    deliver a keynote speech themed "walk together towards prosperity"
  • 共建“一带一路”, 共享发展成果
    jointly build the Belt and Road to share the win-win outcomes
  • 全方位对接
    strengthen comprehensive cooperation
  • 高质量发展之路
    build a road of high-quality development
  • 符合国情、包容普惠
    be suited to national conditions, inclusive, and beneficial to all