英语热词 | 2018年5月北京周报微博时事英语汇总


美国缩短中国留学生签证期限 不许高科技专业学生长期留美学习

  • 对部分中国留学生实施签证限制
    trim the length of visas issued to certain Chinese students
  • 根据新政策,若中国研究生在机器人、航空和高科技制造业等领域学习,签证有效期为一年。
    Under the new policy, Chinese graduate students studying high-tech manufacturing, robotics or aviation will receive one-year visas.
  • 中国公民若想受聘于美国商务部特别审查名单内的公司,须获得多个美国机构的许可。
    Other Chinese citizens will have to get clearance from "multiple U.S. agencies" if they are employed by certain companies listed by the U.S. Commerce Department.


  • 把握大势、抢占先机
    grasp the main trends, seize opportunities
  • 直面问题、迎难而上
    face problems squarely, and rise to challenges
  • 瞄准世界科技前沿
    aim for the frontiers of science and technology
  • 引领科技发展方向
    lead the direction of its development
  • 肩负起历史赋予的重任
    shoulder the heavy responsibilities bestowed by history
  • 勇做新时代科技创新的排头兵
    be vanguards in innovation in the new era
  • 自主创新是我们攀登世界科技高峰的必由之路。
    The independent innovation is the only path for China to climb high in global science and technology.


  • 暂无人员伤亡报告。
    No casualties have been reported so far.
  • 5.7级地震
    a 5.7-magnitude earthquake
  • 震感强烈
    felt strong tremors
  • 已启动应急机制。
    An emergency response mechanism has been launched.
  • 电力供应正常。
    Power supply remained normal.
  • 部分移动通信受到干扰。
    Mobile communication has been affected to some extent.
  • 震源深度13千米。
    The quake struck at a depth of about 13 km.


  • 降低汽车和零部件进口关税
    cut import tariffs on vehicles and auto parts
  • 将汽车整车税率为25%的135个税号和税率为20%的4个税号的税率降至15%。
    For cars, the 25-percent tariff levied on 135 items and the 20-percent duty on four items will both be cut to 15 percent.
  • 将汽车零部件税率为8%到25%的79个税号的税率将至6%。
    Import tariffs on 79 auto parts will all be reduced to 6 percent from the current levels of 8-25 percent.
  • 9座及以下小型客车
    passenger vehicles with nine or fewer seats
  • 有助于供给侧结构性改革和汽车产业升级
    help supply-side structural reform and the upgrade of the auto industry
  • 降低关税将会扩大需求并为经济注入活力。
    Lower duties will increase demand and bring vitality to the economy.

多国记者赴朝鲜见证拆除核试验场 金特会可能会延期

  • 见证拆除丰溪里核试验场
    witness the dismantling of the Punggye-ri nuclear test site
  • 韩国记者团名单通过板门店联络渠道向朝方通报。
    The list was delivered through the inter-Korean communications channel at the border village of Panmunjom
  • 韩朝高级别会谈有望重启
    expectations ran high for the suspended inter-Korean talks to be resumed


  • 第一、第二产业
    secondary and primary industries
  • 第三产业
    tertiary industries
  • 五项社会保险基金收入合计
    the total value of five social insurance premiums
  • 养老保险
    old-age pensions
  • 失业保险
    unemployment insurance
  • 城镇非私营单位就业人员平均工资74318元。
    The average wage of urban employees in the public sector rose 10 percent to stand at 74,318 yuan.
  • 人力资源和社会保障部发布的一份公报
    a bulletin released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security


  • 就双边经贸磋商发表联合声明
    issue a joint statement on economic and trade consultations
  • 不打贸易战
    vow not to launch a trade war against each other
  • 大量增加自美购买商品和服务
    significantly increase its purchase of U.S. goods and service
  • 有意义地增加美国农产品和能源进口
    meaningfully increase the export of U.S. agriculture and energy products
  • 鼓励双向投资
    encourage the two-way investment
  • 努力创造公平竞争有营商环境
    commit to creating a business environment for fair competition


  • 谭秦东将鸿茅药酒称为“毒药”,而被拘禁。
    Tan Qindong was detained as he referred Hongmao medicinal liquor as a "poison".
  • 他怀疑该公司是否能证明,这种酒能够治疗多种疾病,如它所声称的动脉硬化和心肌梗死。
    He doubted whether the company can prove the liquor was capable of curing multiple diseases, such as arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction as it claims.
  • 在广告中夸大疗效
    exaggerate efficiency in advertisements
  • 该公司总部位于内蒙古自治区的梁城县,当地警方跨越近2000公里,到广州逮捕了他。
    Police from Liangcheng County of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where the medicinal liquor company is based, travelled nearly 2,000 kilometers to Guangzhou to arrest him.


  • 夜间安全保障机制不合理
    Night safety mechanism was defective.
  • 在司机接单前,夜间的人脸识别机制没有被触发。
    The night mode face recognition mechanism was not triggered before the driver took the order.
  • 暂停顺风车服务,整改一周
    suspend car-pool service for a week of rectification
  • 隐藏乘客与司机的个人信息与外显头像
    hide the personal data and profile pictures of passengers and drivers
  • 顺风车服务是滴滴公司提供的13项服务之一。
    Didi Hitch is one of 13 services offered by the firm.
  • 其他服务正常运行。
    Other services will remain operational.


  • 不得不中止会谈
    have no choice but to suspend high-level talks
  • 对提上日程的朝美首脑会晤的命运三思
    think twice about the fate of the planned DPRK-U.S. summit
  • 对朝空中先发制人打击,以掌握制空权为目标
    launching pre-emptive strikes against the DPRK as well as taking control of the airspace
  • 战略轰炸机
    strategic bombers
  • 隐形战斗机
    stealth fighters
  • 是与向好发展的朝鲜半岛形势背道而驰的“有意的军事挑衅”
    an intentional military provocation running counter to the positive political development on the Korean Peninsula

川航就航班备降事件致歉 挡风玻璃破裂原因待解

  • 驾驶舱挡风玻璃突然破裂.
    A cockpit windshield suddenly blew out.
  • 副驾驶半个身体被“吸”了出去。
    The co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window.
  • 紧急备降
    make an emergency landing
  • 挽救了119名乘客的生命
    save the lives of all 119 passengers
  • 瞬间下降五六秒
    a nosedive that lasted five to six seconds


  • 新加坡因其中立而胜出。
    Singapore won out for its neutrality.
  • 释放三名被扣押的美国公民
    releasing three detained U.S. citizen
  • 被关押并被指控犯有间谍罪或敌对行为
    be held on charges of espionage and hostile acts


  • 中日韩领导人会议中断2年半后重启
    resumption of the trilateral leaders' meeting mechanism after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus
  • 管控分歧
    manage disputes
  • 区域全面经济伙伴关系协定
    Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
  • 在当前形势下,应坚定地站在一起,维护以规则为基础的多边自由贸易体系
    stand together in an even more steadfast manner to safeguard the rules-based multilateral free trade system
  • 为世界经济增长注入新的动力
    provide new driving force for world economic growth


  • 就中朝关系及共同关心的重大问题全面深入交换意见
    have an all-round and in-depth exchange of views on China-DPRK relations and major issues of common concern
  • 时隔40多天再次专程来华
    make a special trip to China again just after 40-odd days
  • 取得富有意义的进展
    undergone meaningful progress
  • 同中方加强战略沟通和合作
    strengthen strategic communication and cooperation with China
  • 促进地区和平稳定
    promote regional peace and stability
  • 同志式的相互信任和情义
    comrade-like trust and friendship
  • 远见卓识
    profound vision and extraordinary wisdom
  • 亲切友好的气氛
    a cordial and friendly atmosphere

中国男乒3:0横扫德国 实现世乒赛九连冠

  • 卫冕冠军
    defending champion
  • 实现世乒赛男团9连冠
    claim their ninth consecutive title at men's final of the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championships
  • 中国队第21次捧起斯韦思林杯
    help China raise the Swaythling Cup for the 21st time
  • 老将
  • 头号种子选手
    No.1 seed
  • 半决赛


  • 怀着十分崇敬的心情,在这里隆重集会
    holding this grand gathering with great veneration
  • 纪念马克思诞辰200周年
    marking the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth
  • 重温马克思的崇高精神和光辉思想
    reviewing his noble spirit and brilliant thoughts
  • 《共产党宣言》
    The Communist Manifesto
  • 马克思的名字依然在世界各地受到人们的尊敬。
    The name of Karl Marx is still respected all over the world.
  • 马克思的学说依然闪烁着耀眼的真理光芒。
    His theory still shines with the brilliant light of truth.


  • 北大是最早传播马克思主义的发祥地。
    Peking University is the cradle where Marxism started to spread in China.
  • 建设中国特色世界一流大学
    nurturing world-class universities with Chinese characteristics
  • 加强各学科资源的整合
    enhancing integration among different disciplines
  • 为跨学科的研究和前沿领域的科学家提供更多的支持
    offering more support for interdisciplinary research and scientists in cutting-edge areas
  • 培养更多的顶尖科学家和世界一流的研究团队
    cultivating more leading scientists and world-class research teams


  • 向香港交易所递交首次公开募股申请
    file an application for an initial public offering to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
  • 估值达1000亿美元以上
    be confident of a valuation of over $100 billion
  • 硬件业务的综合税后净利率不超过5%
    cap its after-tax revenue for hardware products within 5 percent