Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Hello loyal reader. As I'm sure you haven't failed to notice, e-clecticism has been quite for a while now. Nearly three months to be precise. This started simply because I had been busy with work, my Masters degree, my volunteering and all the other stuff that makes up my life. But after a while, I did start to doubt whether or not I wished to continue with the blog. It's not hard coming up with the content, my interests are still so eclectic that I am never short of ideas, but it can be hard work to keep trying to boost readership and acting all positive when you're not entirely convinced anyone is paying attention. Especially when many of the tools I use to assist me, have started to be discontinued. So the end result was my lack of motivation which lead to a lack of posts.

But here I am. I started in 2008 and it is hard to give something up that you have worked hard on for nearly ten years. I'm still not entirely convinced that after all this time I don't want to just let the blog die, but for now, I will continue. So perhaps, if you read this, you could offer some encouragement, or at least let me know you're out there.

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