Tuesday, 12 April 2016


The small seaside town in Co Wicklow, Ireland where my wife is from and where many happy memories of mine are based. A nicely shot video a gorgeous song. See below the video for a full description by the creator.

This is Bray, vol. 1
To kick off the transfer of videos from Youtube to Facebook I'm going back (almost) to the start. This was the third video I posted and the second to feature a performance by local musician, Luke Maloney, recorded at the now defunct Homegrown Sessions at the Harbour Bar. I still think it made the perfect soundtrack.

It was around this time of year that I started filming for this clip, and If you ask me this is the best time of year to catch the sunrise in Bray. So, with the days growing longer, our perennial hopes of fair weather and thoughts of summer in mind, I think the time is right to repost this.

It can sometimes feel like we're under constantly reminder of reasons to be pessimistic these days, but that's a fallacy easily challenged. Simply by living on this sparsely populated island on the northern slopes of the Atlantic ocean and the western fringes of Europe, we are all, every single one of us, optimists! Go climb the Head, walk the prom or just find a comfy spot to sit and watch the world go by and you'll be doing your part to spread that good Karma we can all use a little more of.

I did actually make a start on volume 2 and I suppose I really should finish it, not least to make the title of this one a little less pretentious! Finally, It's hard to believe that two years later I still get the occasional message chastising me for including the shot in this clip of the two women wiping their trainers on the side of the path. For the record: they were wiping dust from the construction of new pathway on Main St. - not Rover's last meal.

Dave Byrne
For BrayTube
Posted by Bray Tube on Saturday, 5 March 2016
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