Monday, 21 September 2015


The compact disc
The compact disc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When it comes to my music I'm a little old fashioned. Streaming services like Spotify are all very well but when I spend money I like to own something for life and not just while someone grants me access to what I've purchased. For this reason I could just stick to buying CD's of course but history tells me that they will be obsolete before long. So what's the alternative?

Well up until recently I have been using the music section of Google Play to store the MP3's that I have ripped from my CD's in addition to the ones I have purchased directly. This solution has worked well in that I can play my music from nearly anywhere across numerous devices and platforms. However, the service has some annoying quirks that Google seem reluctant to fix. Poor upload processes for example and a very clunky interface for sorting my collection, have caused me to look elsewhere and I think I've found the best one.

iBroadcast allows me to store all my MP3's in the cloud. I have a lot, but they actually provide me with unlimited space free of charge. Even more impressive is the fact that the service will always be free and free of advertising as well! After I have uploaded everything, an intuitive web interface allows me to sort my collection, make any changes I need to and create playlists etc. I can then use the app (Android and IOS) to play my tunes on the move. Perfect. Why not give it a try for yourself.
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