Monday, 28 July 2014

Simpsons Guy

Finally, The Simpsons and Family Guy will air an hour long cross-over episode this autumn. This year's Comic Con attendees were treated to an extended trailer which you can see below. It looks like it will be packed with in-jokes and veiled insults. There are rumours that The Simpsons will also meet up with their Futurama cousins at some point. The last gasp to improve ratings? I'm not sure but Simpsons Guy looks worth watching to me.

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Effect of water repellent on a shell layer jac...
Effect of water repellent on a shell layer jacket (Haglöfs Heli II) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I first came across hydrophobic materials when I bought my first Gore-Tex jacket. My delight at how the water beaded when it rained has not diminished over time. The following video takes this to a whole new level. Using a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic textures on a single surface can be used to move fluids from one place to another very efficiently as demonstrated by The National Science Foundation.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Live To Climb

Shot in California, at the Yosemite National Park with Alex Honnold. He is an American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls. He has broken a number of speed records, most notably the only known solo climb of the Yosemite Triple Crown: Mount Watkins, The Nose, and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome. I realise that this is an advert for a whisky but I love how it is shot and how it perfectly illustrates that to be this good at something you need to commit.

Dewar's White Label "Live true" / Alex Honnold from Mireia Pujol on Vimeo.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cedar Strip Canoe

Included in my many interests are both Kayaking and Canoeing but I had never considered building my own. Not that I would have the skill anyway but this guy certainly does. The timelapse fools you in to thinking it was a quick job but this must have taken a lot of time and what a beautiful result. Would have liked to have seen it in action though.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Magic Drawing

Hermione Granger is of course the female protagonist from the Harry Potter series of novels and films but I'm not sure her magic powers could do a better job than this. Artist Heather Rooney does an amazing job of drawing a photo-realistic Emma Watson shown in timelapse.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Between The Scenes

Have you ever wondered about the bits you didn't see in Star Wars, those things that happened between the scenes? Nerdist were obviously wondering too. This is part of a series where they look at our favourite movies and fill in some of the gaps. Darth Vader is a jerk!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Webcam Spy

With all the talk of hackers breaking in to peoples webcams to spy on them, Jack Vale decided to prank his friends and family to demonstrate how easy it can be. Their reactions are priceless.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Rescuing Riley

While hiking on a solo vacation in a remote, uninhabitable region of Arizona, Zachary Anderegg happened upon Riley, an emaciated puppy clinging to life, at the bottom of a 350-foot canyon. In a daring act Zak single-handedly orchestrated a delicate rescue. When Zak came upon Riley, the puppy’s condition bespoke his abusers’ handiwork—three shotgun pellets embedded beneath his skin, teeth turned permanently black from malnutrition. But with food, water and a lot of love, Riley is doing just fine.

Friday, 18 July 2014


Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was lucky enough to grow up in an era of great children's television. Some of the finest was created by Gerry Anderson. It made such an impact that even now I have DVD boxsets that include Joe 90, Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons, Space 1999 and UFO. I am still amazed at how real the puppet based series used to make things look and although his vision of the future may not have turned out quite as he envisaged, his legacy will go on for ever.

In that spirit a film has been made for release in October called Filmed in Supermarionation. It features a wealth of previously unseen archive footage, brand new interviews with the surviving casts and crews and clips from the shows themselves. Some of the most memorable moments of the film are the ingenious and accurate recreations of the pioneering techniques used in the productions. See below for the trailer and see more at Network's website.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Paddle To Seattle

The trailer to a film detailing a journey through the Inside Passage, chronicling the progress of two intrepid adventurers paddling handmade wooden Pygmy kayaks from Alaska to Seattle. I think I'm going to have to plan a journey. I'm getting itchy paddle blades.

Paddle to Seattle Trailer from Benjamin Gottfried on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bouldering Beast

Within the sport of Bouldering, German climber Jan Hojer is a bit of a legend. Racking some impressive problems, first ascents and a World Cup victory. The following video takes a peak in to his impressive training regime. It makes my arms ache just to watch him.

Jan Hojer Training from Jan Hojer on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Rippling Images

As a keen photographer I am always looking for inspiration regarding new things I can try. I have to admit though that replacing the camera with a completely different device has never crossed my mind. Nathaniel Stern did though and chose a device that was never designed to take photographs at all, a desktop scanner and the results are pretty cool. He created a waterproof version of an off-the-shelf scanner that captured a series of incredible images of sea life. See more at more on his website.




Friday, 11 July 2014

How To Make A Hit

I'm a huge fan of Brett Domino. I posted about him way back in 2009 and again a year later. This time he explains how to create you're own hit song. It's funny how this guy can show you how to follow a formula and make a song that could easily become a hit right? Or is it just a tragic comment on today's music scene? You decide. The magic comes in two parts.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wild Meadow

A park local to me is running a lovely project whereby they are sowing wild flowers along side the cultivated varieties. Here you can see Corn chamomile, Corn cockle, Cornflower, Corn marigold and the Common poppy.

Wild Meadow

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

He Is Back

A cheeky second post to say that The Doctor returns on the 23rd August and I'm very excited. Of course this time he will be played by Peter Capaldi in what looks to be a darker incarnation harking back to the Colin Baker era. Check out this teaser that the BBC have released. It looks like the Daleks are returning also.

Starport Frankfurt

The Imperial AT-AT Walkers at the Battle of Ho...
The Imperial AT-AT Walkers at the Battle of Hoth were created using go motion photography. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Although billed as leaked footage from Star Wars Episode VII these shots are obviously faked. However German YouTube user Frank Wunderlich took the time to make Frankfurt airport look like an imperial starport, complete with star destroyers and AT-AT walkers and the death star in the sky. Even if it isn't real, it sure is well done.

Monday, 7 July 2014

How to Speak British

I regularly converse with people from all over the world. I consider it a perk of living in an age of connectedness and I thrive on the cultural exchange. Many of the people I interact with are from the US and Canada and I am always pleased but slightly baffled by their fascination with all things British. It seems it is not only our accents but our idioms and colloquialisms that they enjoy but they are often confused by them in equal measure. Luckily Anglophenia is here to help. I bet you're chuffed about that? Watch this and Bob's your uncle, you'll know what I'm on about.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Inside The Explosion

As is traditional the US celebrated Independence with fireworks this week. What is also traditional is that you view these pyrotechnics from the ground. Jos Stiglingh had other ideas though and attached a GoPro to his RC drone and flew right in to the action. There seems to be something quite magical from this angle. Be sure to watch this in HD.

Road To Adventure

If making the first ascent of Kishtwar Kailash in the Indian Himalaya wasn't enough of an achievement then perhaps the road to get there would make up for it. In October 2013 Berghaus athlete Mick Fowler and his climbing partner, Paul Ramsden, succeeded in surviving both. Located in the remote Kishtwar region, it took the team 8 days just to reach basecamp. This hazardous stretch of road was part of the approach.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Air That I Creep

English: Thom Yorke live on stage with Radiohead
English: Thom Yorke live on stage with Radiohead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Hollies
Cover of The Hollies
I love a good mashup! There is something magical when someone is not only talented enough to spot that two or more songs work well together but then have the genius to create an arrangement to make it happen. I have posted some fabulous examples in the past but this one really makes the hairs stand-up. Apparently Creep by Radiohead and The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies have such similar chord progressions (two songs I love and I had never noticed) that Radiohead actually pay royalties to The Hollies. Here a group called The Moon Loungers from Bristol put them together beautifully.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Midnight Sun

Time for another stunning timelapse I think. It is probably best if I let the creator explain.

Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets and remains visible 24 hours a day.

This short time lapse film was shot during the Icelandic Midnight Sun in June of 2011.

For 17 days I travelled solo around the entire island shooting almost 24 hours, sleeping in the car, and eating whenever I had the time. During my days shooting this film I shot 38,000 images, travelled some 2900 miles, and saw some of the most amazing, beautiful, and indescribable landscapes on the planet. Iceland is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unusual places you could ever imagine. Especially during the Midnight Sun when the quality of light hitting the landscape is very unusual, and very spectacular.

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.
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