Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lasse Gjertsen

I originally came across the work of Lasse Gjertsen on YouTube a couple of years ago but for some reason have never posted about him here so I thought I best rectify that. Lasse is a young Norwegian animator and composer whose videos have become a bit of a sensation on YouTube. Hyperactive and later Amateur are examples of editing together very short pieces of film and sound to produce an effect similar to stop-motion animation. Check out his YouTube channel for more of his work.

This is Hyperactive. Remember this is not beatboxing in the normal way, check out Roxorloops for that (especially his echo technique at 6:40). This is recorded one beat at a time and just editied together.

Amateur. Despite not being able to play the drums or piano, Lasse has recorded himself one beat and note at a time to produce a pretty cool piece of music.

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