Monday, 20 October 2008

Furture Me

I came across a strange site today. Not strange exactly, the concept is straightforward enough, an electronic time capsule. But somehow it unsettled me slightly, and I'm not sure why.

Future Me is a site that allows you to send yourself an email that will be delivered on a future date of your choosing. OK so far. You can choose then whether or not that email is private or public but anonymous. If you choose public, then other users of the site can browse the content of your email without seeing your address etc.

It was when I came to read some of the emails that I got a bit of a shock. Some are funny but many are desperately sad. People pleading with their future selves to have gotten them out of the terrible mess they were in. Poverty and abuse were common themes. Now maybe I'm feeling a little over sensitive today or perhaps I just randomly happened across the bad examples, I don't know. Either way, it completely put me off writing my own. If I haven't put you off, you can view some for yourself here.
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